About Us

Shoe Girl, a humble name yet spearheads the Shoemaking Trend a Unique style for shoe-lovers.

Jennifer Cheung, a young shoes designer of Shoe Girl, foresaw this trend in 2004 and established her shoe-making label in Hong Kong with her professional knowledge and design flair.

Jennifer does not simply regard shoemaking as a business, she believes that Shoes are in her blood, and would devote her life time to shoe making. Born in a shoemaking family, Jennifer holds strong faith in her profession and producing shoes of good quality.

About Jennifer Cheung

With shoemaking roots, exposure to shoes of all kinds cultivates her mindset of pursuing sublime quality of shoes. Jennifer had been an amateur designer for several European elite brands; the subsequent positive feedbacks boosted her confidence and emboldened her in developing a label of her own. Between being a disc jockey and a shoemaker she chose to dedicate her career to the latter and promptly opened her first store in Hong Kong. With the direction “Tailor-made to fit your needs”; Jennifer aims to utilize her expertise to produce impeccable "Dream Shoes” for all shoe lovers.